Nail your confetti shot

One look through my Instagram feed and it will come as absolutely no surprise that I LOVE confetti! Confetti shots are just so much fun! My 2018 couples smashed the hell out of their confetti shots, so I thought I’d share a few tips on how to get cracking confetti photos…

Manchester wedding photographer

More is definitely more

To get the best confetti shots, the most important thing is to make sure you have plenty of it! Ideally you want enough for guests to have a couple of fistfuls each - the more the better!

Manchester wedding photographer

Petals or paper?

My personal preference is large, colourful confetti made from biodegradable paper. It looks amazing in photos and is light so it won’t hurt your face if guests get overly enthusiastic throwing it!

You can buy this from loads of online shops and can either pick colours to match your theme or chose full on multi-coloured. You could also make it yourself using shaped paper punches on tissue paper if you fancy getting crafty!

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Petals do look beautiful though, and my wonderful couple below - Sophie + Mat - worked out that 15g per guest is the perfect amount (thanks guys!).

Manchester wedding photography

Again, you can buy this online in a vast array of colours or you can make it yourself, like Alice’s mum did (below), drying out petals from her garden for over a year! (super mum!).

confetti shot

When + where

Traditionally, confetti was thrown as couples walked out of the church. These days, we can be a bit more flexible! You’ll want to check if your venue has any rules (they may also stipulate what type to use as well) and work with your photographer to agree the best time/location on your day. Getting a couple of your wedding party to help with distributing confetti around your guests is also mega helpful.


Ready, steady, SMILE!

You’ve got your confetti, you’ve agreed a time and place, so let’s do this thing! Hold your head up and smile!

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If you’re looking for a Manchester wedding photographer who loves confetti, please get in touch!

Manchester barn wedding photographer: Sarah + Ross

I do love a good barn wedding! Sarah + Ross tied the knot in a rose garden, followed by garden games with their favourite people and dinner and dancing in the most beautiful 300 year old barn.

Tora was fantastic, from start to finish. We weren't really sure what we wanted when we started looking at wedding photographers, all we knew is that we wanted really natural photos of people having a great time. I came across Tora and her photos were exactly what we were after. We had an engagement shoot with her, which we were initially nervous about, but she put us totally at ease and we ended up having a great day on the beach. When it came to the day, Tora captured our wedding perfectly, with some really lovely moments. She was so supportive throughout the whole process- I could let recommend her highly enough.”

-Sarah + Ross

I adore weddings like this - lots of lovely people having a brilliant time in utterly stunning surroundings.

Here is their beautiful day…

If you’re having a Manchester barn wedding and are looking for a laid back, natural wedding photographer, I’d love to hear from you! Check my availability here.

To pose or not to pose?

My couples book me because they want a laid back and fun wedding photographer, who captures real moments and natural portraits on their wedding day. They nearly always describe themselves as either nervous or awkward in front of a camera and when it comes to portraits, they say ‘nothing posed pleased.’

Manchester wedding photographer

Well, I’m here to let you in on a little secret - the natural, relaxed portraits you see on my gallery? They’re kinda posed! Let me explain…

The word ‘posed’ can conjure up images of mega-cringe and awkward looking photos that look like something the couple would never normally do. ‘Posed’ is nearly always seen as a negative thing and I know photographers avoid using the word like the plague.

Manchester wedding photographer

But picture this, it’s your wedding day (yay!), you’ve stepped away from your guests and you have 15 minutes to get some portraits. Your photographer says ‘act natural’…what do you? If you’re like most people, you probably freeze up. You’ve never been more aware that you have fingers and hands and suddenly have no idea what to do with them, and that person you’ve just married? You now feel totally weird stood next to and don’t know how to interact with them!

This is where a good photographer would step in and give you some direction to help you get the best portraits.

Manchester wedding photography

When it comes to directing my couples, I keep it very simple, getting you to interact so you’re more comfortable and look natural and relaxed. I tend to start by asking you to go for a little walk together, or to sit down and cosy up close - I even have a couple of silly games to play to help take your mind off the picture-taking part.

Manchester wedding photography

The portraits you see on my website have all had this level of direction (posing) because it’s my job to help you get the best possible portraits, that really reflect you and look natural and relaxed. This is the part of the day I get to be most creative and I’m looking for the best possible light all whilst capturing you both looking happy, natural and like yourselves.

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What can you do to help?

Go with it and have fun. Be willing to participate - it’s okay to feel nervous, okay to feel a bit awkward - I can work with both those things. But if someone is unwilling to participate and just doesn’t want to get involved, then I can only do so much. Remind yourself of why you’re doing this - to capture some wonderful memories with the person you love, on one of the best days of your life. Relish the opportunity to spend some time just the two of you and cuddle up, have a snog, hold hands, practise your first dance - whatever feels natural to you. Enjoy it!

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If you’re looking for a Manchester wedding photographer specialising in natural, laid back portraits, get in touch!