Brighton Wedding Photographer: Emma + Gemma married at Farnham Castle

I love me a castle wedding! When I first met Emma + Gemma, we instantly got on like a house on fire. They were referred to me by my very first wedding clients, and when they described the plans for their big day, I knew their wedding was going to be a cracker! 

Set in the beautiful grounds of Farnham Castle, their wedding was a complete blast! Awesome people, a very cheeky cat, and ALL the dance moves. Oh, and they had gin-bottles for centre pieces. AMAZING.

They also bought me cheese, so they are offfically The Best.

Brighton Wedding Photographer: Matt + Jess

Matt + Jess got married in April this year, on an extraordinarily warm day (for Spring!) in Harrogate. Surrounded by friends and family, Matt's uncle (who happens to be a priest) blessed the happy couple, who both cried pretty much the whole way through.

It was a gorgeous, emotional, and heartfelt ceremony, followed by a sumptuous dinner with moving speeches. And then there was the party. Wow. These two know how to throw a great wedding, and they certainly know how to enjoy it!

A beautiful, and super fun wedding to kick off the season. 

Here is the story of their day...