Personal: Photography Farm Workshop 2016

Last week I went to Photography Farm and it was AMAZING.

Photography Farm is where wedding photographers go to learn, network and have an awesome time. It is a week of workshops ran by a bunch of incredible wedding photographers, held at Ridge Farm (which used to be a recording studio and saw the likes of Oasis and Queen make records there)- and to say I learned a lot would be the most enormous understatement. 

I left with a brain (and notebook) brimming full of new ideas having met a bunch of wonderful people and armed with my goody bag filled with lots of photography related treasures.

I attended three workshops: Neil Thomas Douglas' 'Book, Shoot, Survive'; Nessa K's 'Intention and Purpose'; and Tavis Johnson's 'The Majestic Art of Unposing'. I loved all three!

In both Neil's and Nessa's I scribbled away in my notepad and left with an enormous list of actions to take. Tavis' was much more practical and we spent the majority of the workshop outside shooting. We took photos of each other (pretty daunting at first, but it is amazing how quickly you warm into it) and then later of the lovely Alline + Toby.

I left Photography Farm feeling excited and completely inspired. Here are a few shots of some of the lovely folk I met, taken during our portrait session at Tavis' workshop. 

Personal: Australia, The Outback

I spent most of August in Australia. Specifically, I spent most of August in the middle of the Outback! I'm lucky enough to have visited this beautiful part of the world twice now, and this trip certainly didn't disappoint.

For the majority of our stay, we stayed at Home Valley Station, venturing out for the odd weekend to the El Questro Station and Lake Argyle.

We took a helicopter tour over the Cockburn Ranges, fished for our dinner, swam in a gorge, camped under the stars, rode horses, spent hours sunbathing by the pool sipping beers, met some wonderful people, saw crocodiles, wallabies, kangaroos, and best of all, spent a blissful four weeks with my gorgeous little god-bubba Harper and her wonderful mum and dad, Laura and Simon.

I took hundreds of photos, and these are really just a handful to show you what an outrageously beautiful place we stayed in. 

Until next time, 'straaya!