Gate Street Barn wedding: Hannah + Toby

I don't even know where to start with this wedding. It was just stunning. Gorgeous couple, amazing venue, perfect weather - a photographer's dream.

Hannah was boho perfection in her Rue De Seine gown. Carrie Macey provided the most wonderful flowers and centrepieces - when I walked into the ceremony room, my jaw literally dropped. I loved the addition of feathers to Hannah's bouquet.

And then we have the venue, Gate Street Barn. Wow. Just gorgeous. If you're getting married there and looking for a photographer - I would LOVE to shoot more weddings there.

But back to Hannah + Toby's wedding. I loved every minute of it. Hannah is an illustrator and drew the awesome portrait on the card box, and with Toby being a chef, you could count on the food being exceptional - Tandem Catering did not disappoint. YUM.

Theirs was a wedding that had you laughing one minute, and crying the next. Heartfelt, and filled with love!

Here is the story of their day..