Northbrook Park Wedding Photographer: Katy + Oliver

This was my last wedding of 2016 and my gosh, was it a BEAUTIFUL one! Northbrook Park is one of my favourite venues to date, with peacocks roaming the pretty grounds and everywhere you turn is another gorgeous backdrop for portraits. The ceremony room is filled with light and I know that I am gushing right now, but the whole place really is a photographer's dream.

But back to the important bit - the wedding! Katy + Oliver picked a cold winter's day for their celebration. The leaves on the trees and ground still had a beautiful autumn warmth to them and the sun beamed brightly all day.

It was an emotional ceremony, followed by live music and lots of merriment. This is my second wedding with this particular group of bridesmaids and I have fondly come to know them as a lot of fun, and (I know they won't mind me saying) just a little bit crazy...