Personal: Australia, The Outback

I spent most of August in Australia. Specifically, I spent most of August in the middle of the Outback! I'm lucky enough to have visited this beautiful part of the world twice now, and this trip certainly didn't disappoint.

For the majority of our stay, we stayed at Home Valley Station, venturing out for the odd weekend to the El Questro Station and Lake Argyle.

We took a helicopter tour over the Cockburn Ranges, fished for our dinner, swam in a gorge, camped under the stars, rode horses, spent hours sunbathing by the pool sipping beers, met some wonderful people, saw crocodiles, wallabies, kangaroos, and best of all, spent a blissful four weeks with my gorgeous little god-bubba Harper and her wonderful mum and dad, Laura and Simon.

I took hundreds of photos, and these are really just a handful to show you what an outrageously beautiful place we stayed in. 

Until next time, 'straaya!