Planning your Engagement Session

From what to wear, choosing a location, to getting the light just right, here are some tips to help you with the planning of your engagement session. These are not hard and fast rules by any means, but will hopefully be useful in the lead up to your photo shoot.

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Before the shoot...



When it comes to picking the location of your engagement session, the options are pretty vast! Inside? Outside? Beach, woods, country lane?

If there’s somewhere that means something special to the two of you, this can be a great place to start. If you are stuck on where to pick, I live in Manchester - there are so many beautiful locations I can take you to, so just ask! (Please note, if you would like me to travel outside of Greater Manchester, I'd ask you reimburse my train fare.)

It’s definitely worth considering how busy the location will be - if you don't mind folk being around, then great. If you would prefer somewhere a bit more private, then have a think about locations that are a little more quiet.

Timing + Light

I can’t stress enough the importance of light. Getting the light right depends on a number of factors: location, weather, season, time of day.

I'm a sucker for romantic, golden lighting. I will be able to advise you on the right time of day to get this, however, living in good ol' Blighty, unfortunately means that golden hour (the hour before the sun sets, or the hour after it rises) is not guaranteed.

If it is cloudy or overcast, this can actually look really beautiful in photos, so we will work with what mother nature gives us. If you pick a location indoors, there will need to be lots of natural light, so pick somewhere with lots of windows. 

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On the day...


What to wear

A little like my advice for timing + light, there are a number of factors to consider when picking your outfit - location, weather, what your partner is wearing.

You'll obviously want to feel nice in what you are wearing, but you’ll also need to be comfortable - heels for a woodland shoot? Potentially not the best idea!

Whilst I am in no way suggesting that you should co-ordinate your outfit with your partners (unless you want to, of course!) you may want to check that what you’re wearing doesn't massively clash. You may also want to avoid really busy patterns.

What happens

I always like to meet with my couples a little earlier on the day of the shoot, to have a coffee/beer before we get started. I'd recommend picking a day when you don't have plans later on so we can really take our time. Up to two hours is ideal.

Throughout the shoot itself, I’ll guide you and I promise that I won't make you do lots of cheesy poses that you feel stupid doing. I'm passionate about capturing authentic, romantic photos that really reflect who you are together.

All you need to do is be yourselves, and trust me to do the rest.

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What happens next?

After we’ve finished, I work on your images. I pick the very best from the shoot and edit them in my signature style. Your images will be ready within four to six weeks, and I always like to share a couple online if this is okay by you.

I typically deliver around 40 photos and will upload them to an online gallery where you can download them all for both social media and print use. You can share your gallery with friends + family who can also download the images for free. I can recommend some fantastic labs to print your photos, or you can order prints directly from your gallery.

You get a personal use license with your images, meaning you can share online and print as much as you desire. A lot of time goes into the editing of your final photos, so I politely ask that you do not add any filters when you post them online.

Your engagement session is great practice for the big day, and I’m completely open to feedback. Please tell me your favourite photos, and if any perhaps don’t feel quite right for you, let me know so that I can avoid doing the same on your wedding.