I provide laid back, natural wedding photography for couples who are madly in love.

When I'm not shooting weddings, you'll most likely find me in Manchester where I live with my partner and our adopted cat, Sid. I'm a huge fan of disco music (and anything that makes me wiggle), that first coffee on a Saturday morning, red wine (and white, and fizzy and pink), binge-watching TV shows, eating (lots), and exploring foreign lands. I love old buildings, craft beer, and am a sucker for stormy skies and golden light. I adore sushi and Indian food, and I get annoyingly excited about sunsets and even have an app on my phone to tell me exactly when the sun goes down.

I studied journalism at uni - I love to write and tell stories. My photography career started in dingy nightclubs, snapping sweaty clubbers bouncing around to dance music. I still have a soft spot for drunk-dancing photos, and love to capture wedding guests letting their hair down at the end of an epic wedding.

I love photographing weddings - it gives me a ridiculous amount of joy to capture memories for my couples. Memories that may have been missed or forgotten if I'd not taken the picture - I find it difficult to describe quite how special that is. My couples feel like old chums by the time I leave their wedding, and us getting along is super important in getting seriously awesome photos. I will be with you on your wedding for hours, so we need to click - you also need to understand that my humour is as sophisticated as that pun right there! 

It is not uncommon to find me blubbering away behind my camera during vows and speeches - I'm a soppy soul and love all things romantic and heartfelt. I like to really get involved at weddings, chatting to guests and having a wiggle on the dance floor - an added bonus is this helps guests relax around me, which makes more natural and authentic photos. I'm nearly always asked how I know my couples, and am mistaken for a guest, which I bloody love. 

I like to really get to know my couples and include a complimentary engagement shoot with all my wedding packages so we can have some fun before the big day. I wrote a little blog post on why you should definitely have an engagement shoot.

A few snaps of my boys and I. P.S - my hair colour changes like the wind!

About you

You're marrying your best friend. You want to enjoy your day with all your favourite loved ones around you. You want your guests to have the most fun time ever, and the people at your wedding are more important than anything else. Your wedding will be full of laughter, emotion and dancing, and will be as far from formal as you can get. You're looking for a photographer who you feel relaxed around and feels more like a friend than a wedding vendor, who captures the roller coaster of emotions throughout your day, and who promises not to make you do a million and one cheesy poses. You're passionate about getting gorgeous photos that really capture your love for each other, and you're willing to even get a little bit grubby in the process - after all, a pristine outfit at midnight is hardly a sign of an epic wedding!

If this sounds like you, and you like the look of my photos, then please get in touch :)

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