Manchester wedding photographer: Sarah + Dan engagement shoot, Deansgate locks

On Saturday I spent a few hours walking round the canals and drinking pints with Sarah + Dan. We discussed their plans for their August wedding (it sounds amazing!!) and got a bit of portrait practice in.

Was so nice to meet them both in person before the wedding and Manchester is a seriously gorgeous place to have a walk and get some photos. Plus we saw the cutest kitty snoozing on a narrow boat…

If you’re looking for a laid back, natural wedding photographer in Manchester, please get in touch!

Manchester wedding photographer: best of 2018

Ah 2018! What a year! 2018 was a year of colourful confetti, belly laughs, happy tears and the hottest summer for yonks! My couples had really different types of weddings - festival, back garden, church, manor house, pub garden, rugby pitch, barn - but the one thing they all had in common? Mega laid back, wonderful human beings who all knew how to throw an awesome party!

In 2018 I moved from Brighton to Manchester - a pretty huge and exciting change! I’m looking forward to meeting lots of lovely Manchester couples over the next year and exploring the city more in the summer.

I love this job so much, and I just want to say an enormous thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my fantastic couples who put their trust in me and allow me to be a part of their day. You all rock! And thank you to all the wonderful suppliers I have met and worked with over the year for making this job even more fun. It took me longer than I’d expected to create this post as it was genuinely so tough to whittle last year’s photos down to a manageable amount!

You can either watch the slideshow below (have the volume on!), or scroll down to see some of my favourite photos from 2018.


Stanmer Park engagement shoot: Fred + Nicola

Stanmer Park is one of my favourite places to shoot. You've got the beautiful woods and fields, the gorgeous village of Stanmer, and then an orchard, which at this time of year is blooming with fruit and colourful flowers. Stanmer House is the perfect place to catch up beforehand, run through wedding plans, discuss photography and eat mint choc ice cream (not a necessity, but advised!).

This is Fred + Nicola - they're getting married this year and we met up last weekend to chat weddings and take some photos. It was hot. Like, really, really hot. I wore denim dungarees (black ones), which I instantly regretted (who wears black denim when it is 30 degrees plus? Me apparently). The mint choc ice cream helped...a bit.

Fred + Nicola love nature and were completely in their element wandering around Stanmer. We spent a fair amount of time in the woods to escape the bonkers heat, but braved the sunshine to capture Stanmer in all its golden glory. 

Really looking forward to when I see these guys again (on their wedding day - woo!). They're bloody lovely, and I had such a great afternoon with them both.

Here are some of my favourites from their engagement shoot..