My photography style

In my blog about how to pick your perfect wedding photographer, I talk about how important it is to find a style of photography you love and make sure the photographer you book is in this style. So here’s how I would define my style of wedding photography and how I approach the day…


I shoot the vast majority of a wedding day in a documentary style (also known as candid and reportage), capturing real and authentic moments. I capture all the key moments you’d expect, like walking down the aisle, your first kiss, and all the small moments in between. Aunties going nuts on the dance-floor, reactions to your speeches, the laughter, the tears, the mischief and the fun.

I like to really get involved with the action and shoot like I’m a guest documenting your day from within, rather than a stranger looking in from the outside. I actually nearly always get mistaken for a guest and I take this as a massive compliment. Chatting to your family and guests helps people relax around me and I get much better photos this way.

The vast majority of the wedding photos I deliver are in this style - real action, emotive, and fun. I’ve developed a bit of a sixth sense for anticipating when awesome moments are about to happen and I just love to capture people having the best ever time.


For portraits, I like to whip my couples off for a 15-20 minute walk to get some natural, creative and beautiful photos. I’m passionate about capturing portraits you’ll love, that reflect you as a couple and that don’t feel mega cheesy. I’m a huge fan of portraits outside and work with my couples to time their portrait sessions so we can take advantage of the best possible light at that time of year (I’m a sucker for golden light and sunsets). Worried about rain? Don’t be! Have a read about how I approach this if it happens.

My couples nearly always tell me they feel awkward in front of the camera, and over the years I’ve picked up some tips to help you relax into your portrait session and get the best out of it. You can read more about my approach to this here.

Group shots

Whilst you won’t see too many on my website, I believe group shots, especially family ones, are really important - you can read more about why here - and encourage my couples to get a few. However, this is unlikely to be your (or your guests’) favourite time of the day, so my goal is to get them done as quickly and efficiently as possible. In the lead up to the wedding, I work with my couples to agree when’s best to take them and what group shots are required - I recommend no more than eight combinations and ask for a couple of the wedding party who know family members to help get people organised.

I work in a structured way, starting with the biggest groups first and working down to smaller groups, so guests who are only needed for the bigger shots do not have to stand around waiting too long. I’ll scout out a location on the day, and this will depend on the weather. If it isn’t raining I always like to take group shots outside, and will look for the best light. For example, if it is blindingly sunny, I’ll look for a shady spot so your guests are not squinting in the sunlight or needing to wear sunglasses.

If timings allow it, I suggest separating the wedding party shots from the family group shots, so we can have a bit more time to get some fun and silly wedding party photos without other guests around. I’ve found that it certainly doesn’t harm things if everyone has had a few drinks by this stage too!

If this sounds like the style of photography you’d love on your day, then please get in touch!