Nail your confetti shot

One look through my Instagram feed and it will come as absolutely no surprise that I LOVE confetti! Confetti shots are just so much fun! My 2018 couples smashed the hell out of their confetti shots, so I thought I’d share a few tips on how to get cracking confetti photos…

Manchester wedding photographer

More is definitely more

To get the best confetti shots, the most important thing is to make sure you have plenty of it! Ideally you want enough for guests to have a couple of fistfuls each - the more the better!

Manchester wedding photographer

Petals or paper?

My personal preference is large, colourful confetti made from biodegradable paper. It looks amazing in photos and is light so it won’t hurt your face if guests get overly enthusiastic throwing it!

You can buy this from loads of online shops and can either pick colours to match your theme or chose full on multi-coloured. You could also make it yourself using shaped paper punches on tissue paper if you fancy getting crafty!

Manchester wedding photography

Petals do look beautiful though, and my wonderful couple below - Sophie + Mat - worked out that 15g per guest is the perfect amount (thanks guys!).

Manchester wedding photography

Again, you can buy this online in a vast array of colours or you can make it yourself, like Alice’s mum did (below), drying out petals from her garden for over a year! (super mum!).

confetti shot

When + where

Traditionally, confetti was thrown as couples walked out of the church. These days, we can be a bit more flexible! You’ll want to check if your venue has any rules (they may also stipulate what type to use as well) and work with your photographer to agree the best time/location on your day. Getting a couple of your wedding party to help with distributing confetti around your guests is also mega helpful.


Ready, steady, SMILE!

You’ve got your confetti, you’ve agreed a time and place, so let’s do this thing! Hold your head up and smile!

Manchester wedding photographer

If you’re looking for a Manchester wedding photographer who loves confetti, please get in touch!